St. Joseph and Christ Child Sacred Print 8" x 10"

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This timeless reproduction of St. Joseph embracing and protecting his Child, but also our Savior, is a great piece to have for the Year of Saint Joseph!

Saint Joseph is one of our most powerful intercessors in heaven due to his singular role as the Head of the Holy Family.

St. Joseph is most well-known as the patron saint of fathers, families, and workers.


  • To share these vividly-beautiful and one-of-a-kind pieces of artwork, which mostly have been destroyed or lost.
  • To bring Traditional Catholic Artwork to the homes of those seeking inspiration, faith, and devotion in our Savior, Jesus Christ. 


  • Printed on a durable vinyl material that is scratch-resistant for normal handling, water-resistant for accidental water droplets, and does not require glass, which allows for a glare-free viewing.
  • Measures 8" x 10" and made to fit in a 8" x 10" frame
  • Frame Not Included