St. Roch Sacred Print 8" x 10"

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God promised He will never leave us without His Divine assistance. Whether it's influenza, covid-19, or the black death, God provided us with a powerful intersessory. This fear-fighting reproduction depicts the powerful story and intercession of Saint Roch, the patron saint of illness, plagues, pandemics, and dogs. 


  • To share these vividly-beautiful and one-of-a-kind pieces of artwork, which mostly have been destroyed or lost.
  • To bring Traditional Catholic Artwork to the homes of those seeking inspiration, faith, and devotion in our Savior, Jesus Christ. 


  • Printed on a durable vinyl material that is scratch-resistant for normal handling, water-resistant for accidental water droplets, and does not require glass, which allows for a glare-free viewing.
  • Measures 8" x 10" and made to fit in a 8" x 10" frame
  • Frame Not Included