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Help us to spread the Catholic Faith, keep our family store operational, and continue our work of converting souls, evangelizing, and defending truth that in many areas of the country is all but lost or gone.

Our Family Store has been open for 19 years, but like many small businesses we are faced with unprecedented rising costs in every area of our daily expenses. My wife and I are blessed with 6 young children and we operate on a single modest salary. We keep our overhead and expenses low and support area churches and charities through the store revenue. Any Donation you would make is not tax deductable, but we assure you it will be used for good and with prudence in maintaining our building and daily operations. 

On a weekly basis, I hear from people all over the country that their Catholic stores have closed.  When Catholic stores close it is one less place in the public that people are exposed to Christ and the Holy Catholic Church.  Lost or searching souls of all faiths, or no faith at all, often wander into the Messenger looking for direction. Hurting people who have lost family members or friends often need answers. We can personally tell you many, many beautiful stories of conversion. 

We would be eternally grateful for any amount you could donate. Even a prayer for our continued protection and perseverance would be greatly appreciated!

God Bless you always!


 - The Schmeidler Family