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The Chapel Veil: The Symbol of the Spouse of Christ

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In this forty-eight page booklet, you will learn what the Sacred Scriptures and Church Fathers said about wearing a veil, as well as the theological and symbolic meanings behind the tradition.

You will discover how wearing a veil reveals woman’s:

  • Esteemed vocation in God’s creation
  • Intimate spousal relationship to Christ 
  • Sacredness as a tabernacle of life
  • Mystery as a “garden enclosed”
  • Adoration for God and praise of His glory
  • Humility and receptivity to God’s love

Most significantly, you will also find out how wearing the chapel veil helps testify to and restores belief in the Real Presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist. You will also discover how wearing a veil reflects the dignity of women and their precious gift of self for the world.