Leaving Facebook

Leaving Facebook

Posted by Ieronimus S. on Nov 14th 2020

**** In a few days Hays Messenger will be leaving Facebook and joining MeWe.com & Parler.com. I know that this is unknown territory for many, but I would encourage you to do the same. If you will not leave for yourself, leave for the next generation. Leave out of principle. The current precedent being set by the main stream media and big tech is disturbing. if you believe the censorship and spying will start with social media and end with social media you are lying to yourself. From 1949-1990 Citizens of East Germany were censored, spied on, and persecuted. This was accomplished with a tenth of the technology that we have today. When government officials didn't like what you had to say they would bug your home and have a surveillance officer secretly listen to your conversations, even hide in the attic or a nearby house. There are numerous examples around the globe in the present day world. It is not uncommon for police in Japan to randomly do a “house check” to give advice on parenting,cleanliness, etc. In Britain almost every block is lined with cameras where neighbors tattle on each other for trivial things and the footage is used against you without a trial. A country is only free because its citizens value freedom. It is never a guarantee. Nothing will secure it except God fearing people who fight to keep it. Nothing else. The people who want you to stay on Facebook and Twitter are the same people who are creating a world of delusion based on lies and deception. They tried to convince you that Bruce Jenner was a woman, that black lives matter protests were peaceful and that outdoor parks were dangerous, that Michael Flynn was a crook and Hillary was an angel, and that Jeffrey Epstein killed himself. They squelched every story this year that didn’t fit their narrative. Every single one. They have scientists and “fact checkers” on their payroll, probably the same ones who told everyone an ice age was coming in the 80’s, that eggs will give you a heart attack, and the world is over populated. Their aim is control and their goal is total. If you are a Christian they hate everything you stand for. You are nothing but a vote, a dollar, a tool or footstool to them. They will use anyone and anything who is willing or …. unwilling. And lets not forget this little lie they worked overtime to perpetuate this year….FEAR.

Infection Fatality Rate Covid-19 CDC Website Updated Sept. 2020
0-19 years of age: 0.00003 (They masked your Kids)

20-49 years: of age: 0.0002 (They closed your business)

50-69 years of age: 0.005 (They closed your Church)

70+ years of age: 0.054 (They locked up your loved ones)

No one is even asking you to give up social media (even though that would probably benefit everyone). It is just switching to a different platform. A SMALL sacrifice! Deleting your Facebook and Twitter accounts is the only thing they can’t control. Lets not turn Facebook into the “precious” ring that Gollum couldn’t give up in the Lord of the Ring novels. That is what the devil is counting on. It is all designed to keep you coming back for more and more. Don’t become too attached to anything on this earth. There is more momentum now then ever before. If we all move at once and abandon the future to Divine Providence it will be much easier for everyone.

See you all there!  Search for:  CatholicMessenger

Facebook alternative: Mewe.com

Twitter Alternative: Parler.com

Hybrid worth looking into: Gab.com