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On the Fewness of the Saved

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The Teaching of the Saints. Francis Xavier Godts, C.Ss.R.

Do most men go to heaven? Do most Adult Catholics go to heaven? Redemptorist theologian Francis-Xavier Godts explores these questions in unprecedented depth, calling the saints and approved theologians to witness. Hundreds of quotations show that the Church’s answer to them is a terrifying, resounding and unanimous “no” - most men do not go to heaven. “Narrow is the way that leadeth to life and few there are that find it,” is to be understood in its stark, literal truth. Fr. Godt’s scholarly refutation of liberal opinions on the number of the saved will not tempt the reader to despair but inspire him to make ever more earnest efforts to shun sin and its occasions and live a life of serious fidelity to the teaching, law, and example of Christ.

This book changes lives! A most terrifying book for any Catholic to realize the implication.

455 page book.

Orignal book in Latin, Imprimatur 1899, translated by John S Daly, 2017, copyrighted and printed by MOS, Inc, 2017.

A labor of love of countless hours of translation and a financial burden of over $7,000 was the cost to bring this important book to fruition.