Our Lady of Guadalupe Tilma - Family Size on Fabric Textile 30" x 20"

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Our Lady of Guadalupe Tilma - Family Size on Fabric Textile 30" x 20" (Half the height of the Original!)

Entrust Our Lady of Guadalupe to protect your home, work, friends, or family with this Tilma replica printed by dye sublimation on durable faux Henequen polyester cloth. This can be hung anywhere without a frame, just like the original!

Dye sublimation is a relative late-comer to the scene, only recently has fabric been printed using direct-to fabric – or dye sublimation
printing methods,
Prior to this fabric was printed using block printing, discharge printing or other method to produce pattern printing materials such as
poplin or gingham that was used to make dresses and the like. Some of these methods are still used today
Sublimation delivers beautiful, high-definition and permanent colors that are embedded inside the FAUX JUTE, RATHER than on top of
the substrate or fabric. ensuring the images, won’t fade or crack, even after multiple washings.
This printing method is a technological and scientific marvel that goes beyond inkjets just spraying ink on a substrate.
In this method a CMYO (cyan- magenta-yellow- overprint/ clear) is printed first on a transfer paper. The paper is then matched up to a
polyolefin material such as polyester (cannot be a natural fiber as the molecular structure will not work with dye-sub printing, at least not
yet). Finally, the paper/fabric combo is fed through heated pressure rollers at about 400 F.
As the heat expands the molecules in the fabric, they open like a flower and the ink turns into a gas SIMULTNEOUSLY, which is infused
into the open molecules as the pressure forces the gas into them , the color is now continuously fused into the molecules of the fabric ,
creating a tapestry , or a banner , or a piece of art that will hold its color for decades if not exposed to sunlight .And many days if exposed
as the dye has become part of the fabric.
Therefore, this is the best printing technology today, It’s a superior printing method than any other commercial fabric printing available in the 21st century by far