Parish Ritual: Pre-1962 Latin & English Roman Rite Blessing Book (Blessings for Catholic Clergy)

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Great gift option for Catholic Clergy or for Traditional Catholic Lay Person to take to Catholic Clergy to ensure your Sacramentals always receive the Most Powerful Church Blessing available. 

The devil and his demons know the difference from a "Pre-1962 Sacramental Blessing" and a Sacramental Blessed by the "Book of (watered-down) Blessings". 

*However, a Catholic Blessing is better than No Blessing*

Christus Vincit!

In December of 2017, we were approached by a seminarian on behalf of some priests, who were looking for a travel-size Ritual for the administration of the most important and most frequently used ceremonies, devotions and sacraments in the traditional rite. The seminarian had a scanned copy of the 1962 Parish Ritual originally edited by Father Frederick McManus and Father Bede Babo, O.S.B. Certain changes, however, were requested so that the book would conform to the more traditional Psalms and other Scriptural translations.  We took out the 1945 Pian Psalter and replaced it with the Vulgate Psalter of St. Jerome, whenever the psalms were used in the Ritual.  And for the Confraternity Scriptural texts, we used the Douay-Rheims translations instead. We also reset the Gregorian chant notes so that they are clearer and easier to read.

This liturgical book is a new version of the Ritual that is similar to what was called the Collectio Rituum, having most of the features of that book. Moreover, we added an extra appendix which was not in the original. This Latin/English Ritual will certainly be a benefit for all priests who wish to have a useful travel-size book.

We have had this book designed and printed in the traditional way: real ink, sewn signatures, 2 ribbons, imitation flex black leather, front & back stampings, round & gilt edges, durable end sheets; 314 pages + 16* appendix


Table of Contents

Baptism: 1-104

Confirmation of the Sick & Danger of Death: 105-109

Sacrament of Penance: 109-120

Administration of Holy Communion outside of Mass: 121-124

Forty Hours: 125-138

Benediction: 139-140

Extreme Unction: 141-149

Communion of the Sick: 150-155

Visitation and Care of the Sick: 156-165

Manner of Assisting of the Dying: 166-184

The Funeral Rite: 185-220

Celebration of Marriage; Silver or Golden Wedding Anniversary, etc.: 221-250

Blessings (most common & frequently used): 251-296

Litanies: 297-308

Prayer for the Church & Civil Authorities: 309-310

Index: 311-314

Appendix 1: Hymns

Appendix 2: Blessing of St Benedict Medal, Solemn Blessing of the Cross,

longer act of Consecration of the Sacred Heart: 1*-16*

Real ink, sewn signatures, 2 ribbons, imitation flex black leather, front & back stampings, round & gilt edges, durable end sheets; 314 pages + 16 appendix.