Crushing satan's head: The Virgin Mary’s Victory over the Antichrist Foretold in the Old Testament

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Fr. James Mawdsley

The Virgin Mary's victory over the Antichrist is certain. She will crush his head. The Old Testament tells us this again and again and again -- that is, if read in the light of the New Testament, the light of Christ.

Crushing satan's head investigates twelve stories from the Old Testament which each point to the ultimate victory of the Mother of God, revealing that God's plan has always been the triumph of her Immaculate Heart. Together the various accounts contain the essential information we should know in order to play our part in this victory of good over evil -- for as it has pleased God to give glory to His Mother, so He wishes to give it to us too.

This book can be read on its own, but it builds on the foundation laid from all eternity, as explained in the first book of the series: 
Adam's Deep Sleep: The Passion of Jesus Christ Prefigured in the Old Testament.