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Flee From Heresy - Bishop Athanasius Schneider

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Flee From Heresy 

New book by Bishop Athanasius Schneider!

Society is lost and confused about God, morality, and eternity. Catholics face persecution, from outside and inside the Church, for living their Faith. Priests speak out against errors and corruption in their own hierarchy, only to be marginalized and punished by their superiors. The few bishops who remain faithful to the changeless teaching of Christ are rebuked and “canceled,” even by the pope himself, and sent into exile. Catholics longing for reverent worship are forced out of their parishes and into makeshift venues.

This is a description of the Catholic Church in the fourth century.

With similar patterns recurring in our time, one Catholic bishop is calling out to souls:

“Know the errors and embrace the truth!”

In Flee from Heresy, Bishop Athanasius Schneider — raised among persecuted Catholics in the Soviet Union — offers a systematic treatment of more than 130 doctrinal errors, from ancient times down to our own day, along with English translations of the Church’s major anti-heresy documents of the past two centuries.