If You Believed Moses (Vol 1): The Conversion of the Jews Promised in the Old Testament

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Fr. James Mawdsley

At the end of the age, the Jews will convert en masse to Christianity. This truth lies hidden in the Old Testament and is revealed by the light of Christ which shines forth from the New Testament. The accounts in the Torah of so many elder brothers harbouring a murderous animus toward their younger brother typify the relations of Jews and Christians. And the reconciliation of these brothers, which is worked out by patient suffering, profound forgiveness and even by genius care of mothers, culminates in a glorious reunion of Aaron and Moses, which is a prophetic scene of the Jews being received into the Church.

"And the Lord said to Aaron: Go into the desert to meet Moses. And he went forth to meet him in the mountain of God, and kissed him." -- Exodus 4:27

A short but notoriously difficult passage in the Torah (Ex 4:24-26) presages how the Blessed Virgin Mary bridges the Old Covenant and the New. These threads in the Torah speaking about the final conversion of the Jews are supported by the same message being found in the Prophets, and the Writings, and the Historical Books -- indeed throughout the entire Old Testament.

The traditional teaching on the conversion of the Jews is as old as the Church. 
If You Believed Moses (Volume 1) relies heavily on the testimony of the Church Fathers and more recent Saints on the deeper meaning of the Sacred Scripture.

This two volume work is not written to persuade Jews to convert to Christianity. It is written to persuade Christians of the inevitability and desirability of that conversion. It is written to persuade Catholics to pray properly for it. If we do, then in God’s time the conversion will happen, followed soon after by the awesome return of Our Lord Jesus Christ on clouds of glory. If we do not pray properly for the conversion of the Jews then we will have hell on earth until we do.

Volume 1: The Conversion of the Jews Promised in the Old Testament

- Conversion of the Jews in the Light of Christ
- Conversion of the Jews Promised in the Torah
- Conversion of the Jews Foretold in the Prophets, Writings and Historical Books
- One Woman Bridges the Covenants