In a Certain Kingdom: Epic Heroes of the Russia

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In a Certain Kingdom: Epic Heroes of the Russia

by Deacon Nicholas Kotar

Giants larger than mountains, shapeshifting warrior mages, outlaws who can whistle you to death … Welcome to the wild world of Russian epic poetry!

The traditional epic heroic tales of Russia have been told and retold for centuries. They tell of a half-legendary Russia where princes and dragons, warriors and magicians coexist. But they are more than a glimpse into Russia’s past. These are tales that excite and move, that give courage and resilience to anyone, no matter what your age or your background.

These are rousing tales of battles won and lost, of loves succeeding over impossible odds, of ancient demons and dragons finding their match in simple men and women of unexpected strength.

Ilya Muromets, Nikita the Tanner, Dobrynia the dragon-killer… Russian readers have known and loved these characters for centuries.

It’s time for you to join them!

Epic Heroes of the Rus is a collection of tales retold by Deacon Nicholas Kotar, author of the Raven Son epic fantasy series. Filled with whimsy, humor, and adventure, they are sure to delight lovers of classic fairy tales and readers of fantasy the world over.