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Red and Black Floral Chapel Veil - D shaped

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Red and Black Floral Chapel Veil - D shaped

These beautiful veils are handmade from high quality fabric and lace with faith and love from Europe. They come with a sewn clip for your convenience but can be easily removed if desired.

Veiling is a long standing Catholic tradition that originates from St. Paul who stated that women should cover their heads in church and in the presence of the Lord ‘because of the angels’. It’s a cryptic explanation but according to church scholars after contemplating the significance of using a veil in the context of the church and the liturgy, they believe St. Paul was referring to the sanctity of women. All things veiled in the Catholic church and liturgy are things that are the most sacred. The tabernacle, if our Lord is present is veiled. The Chalice before and after Mass is veiled. The altar itself is usually veiled; all things sacred in the house of God are veiled because those things are reserved for God. God has bestowed the sanctity of life-giving power upon women. A veil is NOT worn as an act of subservience, guilt or shame for feminine beauty. Women who have a calling to veil are surrendering to God’s Divine and Holy Will to motherhood, modesty and humility in direct obedience to God’s sacred plan for women.

And whereas any man who keep his head covered when he prays or utters prophecy brings shame upon his head, a woman brings shame upon her head if she uncovers it to pray or prophesy; she is no better than the woman who has her head shaved. If a woman would go without a veil, why does she not cut her hair short too if she admits that a woman is disgraced when her hair is cut short or shaved, then let her go veiled…Judge for yourselves; is it fitting that a woman should offer prayer to God unveiled? Does not nature itself teach you that, whereas it is a disgrace to a man to wear his hair long, when a woman grows her hair long, it is an added grace to her? That is because her hair has been given her to take the place of a veil.” (1 Corinthians 11:4-16)