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Remedy - The Answer to Every Problem Known to Man - Fr. Lawrence Carney

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Remedy - The Answer to Every Problem Known to Man 

Fr. Lawrence Carney

After more than five years on the streets, searching for lost souls to bring back to God, Father Lawrence Carney has seen and heard it all. But he has never encountered a single problem beyond the grasp of God’s mercy. To every question, there is an answer, to every problem a solution, for every sin a virtue, ours for the asking, an inheritance handed down two thousand years, poured out from the wounds of Jesus, who still cares deeply about all of our troubles.In this, his second book, Father Carney reveals how every problem known to man can be remedied by the authentic and unfailing Catholic faith. From drug abuse to pornography to rudeness and demonic possession, the Church offers powerful and specific cures to the ills of the 21st Century. Drawing on the wisdom and intellect of St. Thomas Aquinas and Holy Scripture, Father Carney boils theology and tradition down into easily understandable directives on how to live a life close to God in these troubled times, avoiding the stumbling blocks of our era and finding the path to everlasting joy.