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The Cross and Medal of Saint Benedict

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The Cross and Medal of Saint Benedict: A Mystical Sign of Divine Power

Sources of Information by: St. Gregory the Great, St. Bernard of Clairvaux, Pope Benedict XIV and many others!

The spiritual wisdom of Saint Benedict has endured for centuries and quite literally shaped Western
culture from its inception. Tenets of the order, like its motto and Saint Benedict’s Rule, are just as
influential for lay people as they are for the Benedictine monks and nuns. The cross and medal of St.
Benedict is also among the gifts bestowed by the Benedictine Order. For centuries, it has been a conduit for
God’s power against malicious spirits.

 The history of this cross and medal—how it first came about, how it was used, miracles attributed to
its use—was not easily apparent, nor readily accessible. However, this book successfully delineates the
history, theology, and potency of the cross and medal of St. Benedict. Drawing from a number of ancient
and reliable sources, Fr. Robert Nixon has compiled, translated, and edited a most powerful book on the
cross and medal of St. Benedict. With this book, you’ll learn from various saints and holy men as the
history of St. Benedict’s cross and medal unfolds. In doing so, you will learn about the life and legend of
St. Benedict, the Father of Western Monasticism, who established the most ancient religious order. Sancte
Benedicte, ora pro nobis!

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