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Hell - Heaven's Great Missionary

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Hell - Heaven's Great Missionary

The dogma of Hell is under serious attack today,  not so much directly, as by not being mentioned  at all. Yet, Our Lord Jesus Christ warned about  Hell on numerous occasions in the Gospels, as did  the Apostles in their Epistles. Our Blessed Mother  herself showed the terrifying vision of Hell to  three shepherd children in Fatima in 1917.  Therefore, we ignore it at our peril.  

In this powerful little book, Monsignor Louis Gaston de Ségur sets out to show how the  existence of Hell is a truth of common sense that has been held by men from time immemorial.  Furthermore, he shows how it is a truth revealed  by God and infallibly taught by His Church. Then,  he addresses the various punishments of Hell and  their eternity, before giving practical guidance on  how we can avoid going there.  

“Think often and seriously about Hell, its eternal  punishments, its voracious flames, and I  promise you that you will go to Heaven. Hell is  Heaven’s great missionary” (Monsignor de  Ségur). 

“We congratulate you from the bottom of our  heart for ceaselessly fulfilling your role as herald  of the Gospel on such a vast scale and with so  much success”. Pope Pius IX, Brief to Monsignor  de Ségur, March 1876.