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Get Behind Me Satan

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Get Behind Me Satan

Fr. Gabriele Amorth, known as “the Pope’s Exorcist,” exposes the reality of evil and lays out what our response should be in a time when the devil appears more powerful and cunningly alluring than ever. Our age, Fr. Amorth explains, is seduced by the wiles of the enemy — either through fascination with the occult or through willful ignorance. There is, however, nothing to fear when we put on the armor of God.

In these absorbing pages, Fr. Amorth offers ways to equip yourself and your loved ones for the spiritual battle that all humans are destined to face — and to attain victory. From the pen of the legendary priest exorcist, you will learn gripping details about:

  • The figure of Satan and key ways to protect yourself from diabolical snares 
  • The role of exorcists — past and present — and their discernment in counseling afflicted souls  
  • Lessons from the saints in overcoming the temptations and attacks of the devil 
  • Six types of disturbances that the devil can provoke (Can you guess them?) 
  • Three things that cause a soul to fall into diabolical disturbances 
  • Signs of diabolical possession and the view of science in such cases

An invaluable collection of tried-and-true traditional prayers is also included for protection against the devil and liberation from his bondage.

Fr. Amorth further explains the origin of Hell and the primary tactic the devil uses in pursuit of souls. He also provides a brief overview of the history of exorcism from the earliest centuries of Christianity and describes the ministry of exorcism, yesterday and today. Drawing from the riches of his experience, Father clarifies how he evaluates whether an individual is suffering due to preternatural causes and reveals the only authentic proof of malevolent influence.

Significantly, you will see how the ability to cast out demons testifies to Jesus’ divinity and will discover ways that all of the faithful can intercede for the afflicted. Above all, you will be consoled by the power of Christ over the enemy and learn to rest safely in His care while trusting that by His Precious Blood shed on the Cross the triumph is already won.