The Forge of the Covenant (Raven Son: Book Four)

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The Forge of the Covenant (Book Four)

by Deacon Nicholas Kotar

A queen without a kingdom. A warrior with a dark secret. A dark Power can aid them… for a terrible price.

Lebía lives in a false paradise. Her loving family are enslaved by a dark Power with his own insidious purposes. Thrust into a parallel world outside time, Lebía must find an ancient magic to save her family.
But things are not as they seem in this strange world filled with walking nightmares and heroes from deepest legend. 

Finally, she is faced with an impossible choice. To unlock the ancient magic, she’ll have to choose between herself and the life of her family.

The Forge of the Covenant is the fourth book in the Raven Son epic fantasy series, a retelling of the Russian version of Sleeping Beauty and the ancient legend of Atlantis.