The Throne of the Gods (Raven Son: Book Five)

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The Throne of the Gods (Raven Son: Book Five)

by Deacon Nicholas Kotar

He thought he was the chosen one, a warrior of the gods. He had no idea that his god was a demon.

After twenty years, Voran has faced his deadly enemy. But instead of victory, Voran loses his home, his hope, and his love…  With nothing left, he storms the country of the gods, demanding answers. But the only one who knows the way… is his greatest enemy, the Raven himself.

Sabíana returns to her beleaguered city, but finds nothing there but cowardice and vice. She can save her city, but is it even worth saving anymore?

Adelaida received the gift of life. But she is in the middle of a hell of war, and now all the beauty and goodness she has ever known is being destroyed. To make matters worse, warriors all around her are dying. And suspicion is falling on her…

Khaidu found her speech, but lost her purpose. Now, she will invade the land of the dead itself to find the last hope for the Three Lands.

But at the end of all time, who will command the strength of the Powers? Who will sit in the Throne of the Gods?

The Throne of the Gods  is the fifth and final volume in the Raven Son series of epic fantasy books inspired by Russian fairy tales. If you love creative retellings of ancient myths, gorgeous worldbuilding, and complex characters who never do what you expect, you’ll love this series, described by readers as “The Lord of the Rings meets 1984”.